Maja is an analytically strong political science student who is in her final phase of her Master’s degree. Throughout her studies, Maja has focused on collecting survey data and data-driven analyses in the STATA and R programs, and she also has experience in conducting qualitative interviews in preparation for or follow up to larger quantitative analyses. Maja is passionate about using large amounts of data to analyse socially relevant issues and to create empirically based knowledge that has political influence.

As a political scientist, Maja has an in-depth knowledge of the public welfare areas, and through her student job in VIVE, she has experience with analyses of the social and education areas. In addition, during her previous student jobs in VIVE and DR Media Research, she has learned to disseminate and interpret analysis results in a sharp and easy-to-understand language, so that both professionals and laymen can benefit from the conclusions.

Phone: +45 81816262