Højbjerre Brauer Schultz is a socio-economic consultancy services that provides independent consultancy to public authorities, interest groups, private companies and international organisations. By bridging professional knowledge, empirical results and political reality, we deliver application-oriented analyses that are well documented and clearly communicated.


We provide socio-economic analysis and consultancy of the highest quality so that our clients have the best foundation for making decisions, making changes and setting agendas.


We want to be Denmark's leading socio-economic consultancy services, which provides the knowledge base for developing and future-proofing the welfare society through analyses and consultancy of the highest quality.


We have a strong set of values that characterise us in everything we do and say. Our three core values are:

  • Professional expertise: That’s our livelihood. Our livelihood is providing the best analysis and best consultancy for our customers. Therefore, we only hire the best economists. And we keep up to date, so that we can remain at the forefront of academic and professional knowledge.
  • Credibility: That is our reason for existence. Therefore, our work is always well documented, there are no pre-conceived conclusions, our analyses can handle critical review, and we keep our promises.
  • Implementability: This is what ultimately creates value for our clients. Our analyses are not meant to be filed away and collecting dust. They need to be implemented. Therefore, our consultancy is always relevant and with a keen eye for the context in which this service is being offered.

Our values ensure that we always provide the best consultancy to our clients. At the same time, it is our values that bind the company together and make sure that we all work towards the same goal.